Lightning Bug currently requires the following permissions on your Android device.

Your Location – course (network-based) location

Only used if you enable Lightning Bug’s local weather feature which is disabled by default. If you enable the local weather feature, only your latitude and longitude are sent to a trusted weather reporting service.

Network Communications – full Internet access

Required for downloading extra content including sound, image, and program files from 1908 Media servers. If you have Lightning Bug’s local weather feature enabled, Internet access is also required for contacting a 3rd party weather reporting service.

Storage – modify/delete SD card contents

Required for storing and managing extra content including sound, image, and program files.

Phone Calls – read phone state and identity

Required so that scene and alarm audio can be ducked (partially to fully muted) during phone calls.

System Tools – disable keylock, prevent phone from sleeping

Keylock control is required by Lightning Bug’s alarm system. Screen and sleep controls are required to keep the Lightning Bug digital clock andor scene player visible (this is the default behavior, however you can override using Lightning Bug’s Screen Timeout feature)

System Tools – send sticky broadcast

Lightning Bug broadcasts a single sticky intent whenever it begins audio playback. After audio playback begins, the intent is cleaned up.

System Tools – automatically start at boot

Lightning Bug must briefly run at boot to synchronize it’s alarm clock with your device. This process is designed to have zero impact on your device’s startup time. Without this permission, you would loose any set alarms after a device restart.