the team

Lightning Bug is the product of two long time friends and business partners, Chris and Jake. We decided to try out the Android platform soon after it was made public in 2009. Then after some promising results with our first few apps, we landed on Lightning Bug, now downloaded well over a million times. As Lightning Bug’s install base grew we realized we needed to offload some of our support functions, so Maria joined the team and started answering our emails!

We’ve also been really lucky to work with some very talented artists willing to contribute their time and creativity to Lightning Bug. Check out our Contributors page for more info and please support their projects!

chris newby

Chris is co-creator and developer of Lightning Bug. He writes the code, engineers the sounds, and designs the visuals. He also plans on building his first robot very soon.
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jake kouns

Jake is co-creator of Lightning Bug. He’s also co-founder and CEO of the Open Security Foundation and author of several books on information security.
Open Security Foundation

maria “jpeg” izaurralde

Maria is Lightning Bug’s community support volunteer. She answers all your support questions and has contributed a lot of great wallpapers to the app. She’s also an amazing photographer and recently published her first photo book!
maria’s other projects
maria’s new book: “ESL the Photo Book”

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head quarters

Lightning Bug doesn’t really have a full blown office, just a handful of home offices in various U.S. locations. But if there’s one place Lightning Bug calls home, it’d be here:

1021 Arlington Blvd
Arlington, VA 22209