2.9.1 Jelly Bean Fix + Update on 3.0

Greetings all!

Since the release of Jelly Bean we’ve gotten quite a few reports of Lightning Bug crashing on startup for some Jelly Bean devices. Unfortunately, we hadn’t been able to reproduce the issue on our Jelly Bean test devices, so it looked like we were just gonna have to live with it.

But then yesterday we were contacted by a user in Germany named Ralph who was gracious enough to run Lightning Bug while his Jelly Bean phone was hooked up to the Android SDK debugger tool. This is an advanced debugging step, and one we would usually try to avoid, but it totally paid off. Ralph sent us the system log from his debugging session and voilà. So, thanks to Ralph the issue is now patched and 2.9.1 has been released to the Play store!

On another note, a lot of you have been asking about the status of 3.0. Just wanted to let you all know that development is in full swing and the new app is looking and sounding fantastic! There’s no release date yet, but should be ready in another month or so.

We can’t thank you enough for your patience, but thanks all the same!

– Chris