Lightning Bug 2.7 is now in the market!

Lightning Bug 2.7 addresses several issues that have been reported to us over the last couple weeks. We wanted to release these fixes prior to a few larger releases that we have planned.

By Request, New in 2.7!
– Corrected a bug with Droid’s when using a dock
– Improved system alarm integration
– Added a setting to disable clock background
– Two new clock fonts: fatboy slim, jolly raunchy
– New plugin install mode dialogue
– Various bug fixes

-Multiple Alarms
-Additional plugins
-Much more!

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2 thoughts on “Lightning Bug 2.7 is now in the market!

  1. This app And all plugins are AWESOME , The customization is superb ! I will be a loyal customer !

  2. Cant wait for the alarms. I would like to wake up to the sounds i use to fall asleep too.

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