Cubicle Pi: Sweet Scenes from the Developer’s Desk

If you follow Lightning Bug, you know we constantly ask for feedback and ideas on what you want us to improve. And in case you don’t know yet, we’ve set up a feedback voting site here at So check it out! You guys have already given us so many great ideas for new features and content and we can’t thank you enough. In fact, we’re hard at work on Lightning Bug 2.7 which will contain a lot of the long-overdue features you’ve been asking for!

And as a way of thanking you for all your ideas and patience, we decided to start sharing some of our “work in progress” ideas with you by creating a new plugin, Cubicle π (pronounced “Cubicle Pie”). Mostly, Cubicle π will contain new and random ideas before (or even if) they get developed into their own plugin packs. To start, Cubicle π contains one scene, Star of Cairo. But stay tuned, we’ll be adding more soon.

And the best part? Cubicle π is free!

Star of Cairo
To most of us, the recent events in Egypt were both frightening as well as inspiring. Frightening that, among many other things, a government could so easily shut it’s citizens off from the Internet. Inspiring that the people of Egypt held their ground in spite of this, even finding ways to circumvent the Internet blackout. And so we decided to bring you some Egyptian flavor with Star of Cairo. Star of Cairo takes you to a short hallway off to the side of a busy Cairo street market, hope you like it!

– The visualization in this scene is a rippling geometric pattern inspired by the geometry commonly used in traditional artwork throughout the region.
– 6 sound loops: Authentic Cairo Market Sample, Oud, Rolling Thunder, Thekla Lark, Camel, and Ney Flute

cubicle π - star of cairo

How do you get it?
Hopefully by now you have realized that Plugin mode is the best way to use Lightning Bug! All new content is available only if you are running in Plugin mode. If you are still running the Built In Scenes, then we recommend that you give Pluging Mode a try! You can enter plugin mode but tapping the main screen to display the menu, then clicking the green puzzle piece at the bottom!

If you are running our most recent version of Lighting Bug, the Plugin Manager will automatically update the new plugins for you within about two weeks. If you just can’t wait, then you can update the plugins manually by doing the following:
– Start Lightning Bug and ensure you are in Plugin Manager mode
– Click the menu button or tap the main screen to bring up the menu
– Click the Circle with a Triangle in the middle (second column, second option down)
– Click “Check for Plugin-In Updates”
– It will then refresh the Plugins and bring you to the main Plug-In Manager screen
– Click Cubicle π and it will bring start the download

As always we want to remind you that you can use these new sounds with *ANY* of the other plugin scenes in Lightning Bug. Lightning Bug is all about giving you the power to customize your sleep or relaxation experience by letting you mix scenes and sounds together in any way you can imagine!

We are not sure how often we will add new scenes to Cubicle π but this will be the place new ideas will show up from time to time. They most likely will be smaller in scope and timely surrounding current events.

Let us know what you think!