It is still cold out, so welcome Winter Pack for Lightning Bug!

We were hoping to release Winter Pack at the beginning of the season but considering it is still snowing it many places around the world and we are still wearing our winter jackets we think it is still appropriate! As you know we try hard to listen to feedback from our users and still try to balance making free and paid plugins for Lightning Bug. We are releasing Winter pack as a FREE plugin and it contains new sound samples and loops as well as a new visualization that will warm you up on those cold nights!

What’s inside?
– 6 scenes: Blizzard, Cold Morning, English Wood, Country Ridge, Frost and Paradise Bay
– 16 sound samples and loops including: dove, fireplace, wolf, loons, pad – breeze Bmin, pad – breeze Gmin, pad – complex Amin, pad – crisp A#maj, pad – evolving Dmin, pad – evolving Emin, pad – vocal Amin, rolling thunder, tundra swans, whistling wind, wind chimes 3, winter lake

winter pack - blizzard winter pack - frost winter pack - country ridge winter pack - paradise bay

How do you get it?
Hopefully by now you have realized that Plugin mode is the best way to use Lightning Bug! All new content is available only if you are running in Plugin mode. If you are still running the Built In Scenes, then we recommend that you give Pluging Mode a try! You can enter plugin mode but tapping the main screen to display the menu, then clicking the green puzzle piece at the bottom!

If you are running our most recent version of Lighting Bug, the Plugin Manager will automatically update the new plugins for you within about two weeks. If you just can’t wait, then you can update the plugins manually by doing the following:
– Start Lightning Bug and ensure you are in Plugin Manager mode
– Click the menu button or tap the main screen to bring up the menu
– Click the Circle with a Triangle in the middle (second column, second option down)
– Click “Check for Plugin-In Updates”
– It will then refresh the Plugins and bring you to the main Plug-In Manager screen
– Click Winter Pack and it will bring start the download

As always we want to remind you that you can use these new sounds with *ANY* of the other plugin scenes in Lightning Bug. Lightning Bug is all about giving you the power to customize your sleep or relaxation experience by letting you mix scenes and sounds together in any way you can imagine!

Thanks to Timothy for submitting the Country Ridge photo for our use and to SolarRain for more amazing sound loops! Be sure to visit their websites and thank them for their contributions!

As always we welcome your feedback and would appreciate a positive comment and review in the market! If you would like to make a suggestion for a new feature please let us know and vote on ideas!

2 thoughts on “It is still cold out, so welcome Winter Pack for Lightning Bug!

  1. Regarding the winter pack,
    I like most: the blizzard scene (church bell and horse trotting combined with the default sounds of the scene make it AWESOME).
    Disappointment: I really wished for some distant sleigh bells to be included.

    Once again though, awesome plugin!

  2. I just installed, looks like i like it, the first thing i’d like to ask, is multialarm, then i’d replace all my sleep apps for this, thanks

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