Lightning Bug 2.6 – Rough Start, Now We’re Rolling

We’ve been really lucky to get tons of requests from our users. We decided to keep our 2.6 release small though to quickly address some issue with Lightning Bug not showing up in the Android Market on some tablet devices. We also added Local Weather reporting, a new clock font, and some other bug fixes.

Unfortunately, we had some issues with the initial release. In fact, as soon as we dropped it in the Market we started getting crash reports originating from the new Local Weather feature. We tested this new feature quite a bit, but clearly missed some use cases! So we quickly located the defect and released two patches to the Market.

If you installed 2.6, but none of the patches, please upgrade as soon as you can. As of this writing, the most current official release of Lightning Bug is 2.6c.

Thanks so much for all your support and ideas!

Coming soon:
– Winter Pack, From the Fans Pack
– Multiple Alarms, Use Scene as Alarm, Gradual Alarm, Sleep Bot Integration!

Why does Lightning Bug now require permission to access my location?
The *only* reason Lightning Bug needs this permission is to give you accurate local weather data. That is, if you don’t have the Local Weather feature enabled, Lightning Bug *will not* access your location. Also note that Local Weather is disabled by default, so if you never turn it on, your location will never be accessed. If you do have weather enabled, we send your latitude and longitude, and *only* your latitude and longitude, to a trusted weather reporting service. Otherwise, your location is *never* logged or reported to any kind of marketing company.

In the near future we’ll be adding a TOS to Lightning Bug for those of you looking for more thorough disclosure on this and other issues of privacy and usage.

2 thoughts on “Lightning Bug 2.6 – Rough Start, Now We’re Rolling

  1. Hello

    I hope it is ok to write to you here. I have a question. when I have my Droid in the multimedia station it lies horizontal. Your program does not go horizontal so it is hard to enjoy your product. Is there a way to make your product to change according to the way you hold your phone?


    1. Hi Wendy, you can change the orientation of Lightning Bug using the Screen Orientation setting. When you open the main menu, it’s the second button from the left at the top (the icon should look like a phone screen with three arrows pointing away from each other).

      Hope that helps!

      (ps, in the future please use our support email: support AT

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