Lightning Bug 2.5 Available Now for Android!

Since the release of Android 2.2 we’ve been getting lot’s of requests to allow Lightning Bug to be installed to your device’s SD card. Unfortunately we had a slight technical issue that was preventing this. But the good news is that we got our issue fixed and Lightning Bug now supports SD card installation!

Lightning Bug 2.5 is a small upgrade that we wanted to get out quick. We have lot’s of other new features planned for you though including Multiple Alarms and Weather! So stay tuned.

Oh and next up, by popular demand, JUNGLE PACK!

4 thoughts on “Lightning Bug 2.5 Available Now for Android!

  1. older like 2.0 , 2.1 , will install on phone but new one wont install went to androlib and tried show your icon try to download and says can not find , also went to market on my phone shows i still have all the plug-in i bought but no thing to redownload your app so is there some were i can still get the older version like 2.0 or 2.1 cause updates for my phone wont be out for a long time and i liked your app so did everyone else i showed

  2. I’m not having much luck dimming the screen on my HTC Droid Increadable. The screen dimmer in the app doesn’t seem to do anything, and the one built into the phone doesn’t dim the screen enough. The clock only display is still too bright at night. Am I missing something? Thanks.

    1. Hey Gary, unfortunately I think that’s actually a known hardware issue on the Incredible. Let us know if you find out different though!

      One thing you might try though is changing the color of the clock display in Lightning bug (available in Clock Settings). You can change the color to a dark grey for example. You can also use the ‘Just a Clock’ scene available from the Starter Pack when Plugin Mode is enabled. Just a Clock has a black background by default (though you can change the background color if you like). So along with a dark grey clock face, you might be in business.

      This won’t change the amount of back-light, but may be good enough for you. Let us know how it goes!

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