Two New Plugins Released: Country and Rustic Packs!

Our latest addition, Rustic Pack, contains 15 sound loops, 5 new scenes, and is totally free! Our Country Pack, contains 21 much-requested sound loops, 8 new scenes, and is available in the Android Market.

What’s inside the Rustic plugin?
– 5 new scenes (Autumn Leaves, Mountain Branch, Desert Flowers, Casa Colonial, Clothes Line at Dusk)
– 15 sound loops including: birds, instruments, and church bells!

What’s inside the Country plugin?
– 8 new scenes (Farm at Sunrise, Morning Meadow, Vineyard Sunset, Evening Star, Country Inn, Loan Oak, Lake at Dusk, Ribbit)
– 21 sound loops including: farm ambiance, campfire, birds, frogs, owls, new rain, and 2 new breaks!

How do you get it?
Hopefully by now you have realized that Plugin mode is the best way to use Lightning Bug! All new content is available only if you are running in Plugin mode. If you are still running the Built In Scenes, then we recommend that you give Pluging Mode a try! You can enter plugin mode but tapping the main screen to display the menu, then clicking the green puzzle piece at the bottom!

If you are running our most recent version of Lighting Bug, the Plugin Manager will automatically update the new plugins for you within about two weeks. If you still see “coming soon” under Country Pack we would first suggest that you upgrade Lightning Bug. If you just can’t wait, then you can update the plugins manually by doing the following:
– Start Lightning Bug and ensure you are in Plugin Manager mode
– Click the menu button or tap the main screen to bring up the menu
– Click the Circle with a Triangle in the middle (second column, second option down)
– Click “Check for Plugin-In Updates”
– It will then refresh the Plugins and bring you to the main Plug-In Manager screen
– Click Rustic and it will then install and configure
– Click Country and it will bring you to the Market for purchase

As always we want to remind you that you can use these new sounds with *ANY* of the other plugin scenes in Lightning Bug. Lightning Bug is all about giving you the power to customize your sleep or relaxation experience by letting you mix scenes and sounds together in any way you can imagine!

Thanks to Maria Jpeg for continuing to submit great photos for our use and to SolarRain for more amazing sound loops! Be sure to visit their websites and thank them for their contributions!

As always we welcome your feedback and would appreciate a positive comment and review in the market!

4 thoughts on “Two New Plugins Released: Country and Rustic Packs!

  1. Lightning Bug just gets better and better – new countryside plugin is great, and then you top it with another free plugin too!

    Lightning Bug set, and now repeatedly increases the standard for ambient/relaxation/sleep sound machines on Android… in fact for all sound machines on any platform!

    Keep up the fantastic work – looking forward to the Jungle Pack, and more…

  2. I have some of these Nature Sounds on my laptop and love them and was pleasantly surprised to find this mobile app. I was even more surprised when I heard the excellent sound and picture quality. Also, the available Plug-Ins just make this one of my favorite apps. A BIG THANKS to the developers for this one. A great way to just kick back and relax!

  3. I ordered five of the plug ins….beach, country, meditation, forest, and city… all the free ones. The program itself and the free ones are working….and let me just say….this is my new FAVORITE app!!! I absolutely LOVE it. However….I have a problem and a suggestion….not one of the plug in I have ordered is working. They just keep saying they are installing and its been hours. One got close to the end, like 98% installed and then they all locked up. Doesn’t seem to help to close program or turn off phone to reboot. They just start loading again when I turn program on amd they never finish….but three of them are showing up on my current apps screen, but do not show up in the selection choices anywhere when the main app is running. Any suggestions? I really want the plug ins! 🙂

    My own suggestion for the program, if you don’t already have this option available is to make the thundee and lightning seperate choices. I like both features…..but I want to listen to the thunder with the rain sounds and watch the lightning bugs as a choice as I fall to sleep. This way, with a choce to turn the lihtning off, I get the sound without the flashing across the screen.

    1. Hi Rasha, sorry to hear you’re having a problem!

      Right now Lightning Bug will try to install any available plugins that haven’t already been installed. So if you have all 5 of the currently available plugin keys installed from the Android Market, Lightning Bug will try to install all 5 of them simultaneously. While this didn’t pose a problem for us during testing, we have definitely noticed that devices slow down when installing so many plugins at the same time.

      So try installing each plugin one at a time. To do this, first uninstall all the keys except one (whichever one you want). Go back into Lightning Bug and let it install the content for that plugin. When the installation is complete, go back to the Market and install the next plugin key, re-open lightning bug, etc and so on.

      We realize this is a bit tedious, but please give it a show and let us know! And FYI, we will be working on improvements to Lightning Bug in the future to avoid this issue.

      Also, we do currently have separate thunder and lightning sounds! There are thunderclap samples included in both Forest and Country Pack!

      And if you continue to have problems, please email us: support AT

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