Lightning Bug 2.4 Available Now in the Android Market!

Lightning Bug 2.4 addresses two requests we’ve been getting more and more email about!

First, if you’re a Froyo user, you can now disable your phones button lights while Lightning Bug is running. Some of you have phone’s that already do this, but for those of you that don’t you can finally get things nice and dark! Unfortunately we can only provide this to Froyo users for now, but we’ll continue to look into ways to provide this feature for older Androids.

Second, we’ve introduced a new screen orientation mode (“Sensor”) that allows you to set Lightning Bug to follow your device’s orientation. This was in response to a growing number of emails from users telling us they use a device dock that requires them to turn their phone clock-wise to dock. This meant Lightning Bug would be upside down in landscape mode. If you’re one of those users, try out the new “Sensor” mode!

We’ve also addressed several other bugs and issues in the app including a revamped install manager for Plugin Mode!

By Request, New in 2.4!
-Disabled hardware lights on phones (Froyo+ only)
-New screen orientation mode (uses device sensor)
-New plugin install manager
-Various bug fixes

-Multiple alarms
-Country Pack
-Jungle Pack

As always, please rate and review Lightning Bug in the Android Market. And if you have any issues or feedback, please email us here: support AT


6 thoughts on “Lightning Bug 2.4 Available Now in the Android Market!

  1. You guys have a seriously amazing, high-quality app – puts mac to shame.

    I worry that the more features you integrate the app might lose integrity, but simultaneously I look forward to the new features. I guess I am saying, “Can the app seriously get more awesome and not blow up?”. 🙂

    Seriously though, stellar job.

    1. Hi Chris, This is one of our most requested features and we’ll be adding it to Lightning Bug very soon. So keep an eye out!

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