Alarm Issue Fixed in Lightning Bug 2.1

Shortly after we launched Lightning Bug 2.0 we started to get quite a few email about issues with the alarm. First off we totally understand how frustrating an alarm problem can be and we apologize for the inconvenience. Despite the numerous reports we’ve received on this issue and despite all the testing we’ve done we were unable to reproduce the problem on our end! Thus the delay in posting a fix. However, over the past several days we were focused on resolving the issue.

Recently we prepared a patch version of Lightning bug and posted it to a private server for a few willing testers to see if it fixed the issues. It required a little tech savvy on their part and some extra effort to help us run through some testing…. without their effort we would not be able to report that we believe the issue is fixed!

We released version 2.1 to the market tonight and would encourage all users to upgrade. If you have any questions or issue, please contact us and thanks again for your support!