Lightning Bug 2.0 is now in the Android market!

Lightning Bug version 2.0 is now available in the Android market. It has been some time since we have had a release, as you know we have been working hard on our 2.0 version that now supports our new plugin approach for adding scenes and sounds. It was a pretty intense undertaking as it required that we completely rewrite Lightning Bug!

We were very excited to create our 2.0 version, but at the same time we were very careful to make sure that everything that people loved about the current application remained in tact. This is very challenging and as those that follow us know we do our best to make everyone happy, but in the end we do have to make decisions that will be the best for Lightning Bug.

This version defaults to run the original Lightning Bug that our users currently know and love! We felt this was important to make sure that any current user can continue usage as-is while getting a chance to see the new features… and 2.0 has a lot of new features! The most important feature is that we now have a new plugin model that allows the addition of new scenes and sounds. We get a lot of emails requesting new sounds all the time. We knew there would be no way to make this happen in the current application for a number of reasons, the most important being the size of the application would be massive and take up most of the phone’s storage. The plugin model gives users the ability to pick the scenes that they want and they are now stored on the SD card. Moving forward we can tell you that all new content will be focused on 2.0. Some plugins will be free, others will be in the market and you can add them for a small cost. We believe this is a good balance to stay true to our roots and provide the core application free to users while finding a way to support the work we do on Lightning Bug.

As mentioned, once you install this version it will look exactly like the current application. If you want to switch to Plugin Mode, and we highly recommend this, look for the “Want more content? Try Plugins” button at the bottom of the Scene Selection dialog. Click that! We’ve also added a new button to the original settings menu with a puzzle piece icon. This button will also allow you to enable plugins! Once you’ve enabled plugins you’ll be able to add a lot of new content and even further customize Lightning Bug by mixing and changing sounds between scenes!

Here is a quick overview of Lightning Bug 2.0 Highlights:
-Complete rewrite of the application
-Run as original mode or new 2.0 version
-Plugins can be downloaded for more scenes & sounds
-Customize sound combinations, pick and choose sounds from different scenes
-Customize timing of sounds (time between sounds played such as horns, birds, lightning, etc)
-5 new Plugins released (4th of July, Forest, Beach, City Pack, White Noise)
-Plugin content now stored to SD card
-Integration with Dock
-Minor bug fixes
-Thanks to Maria for images used in 4th of July Plugin (
-Thanks to our beta testers! (Ann Michele Blair, Marty Dolan)

As always, we would appreciate a positive review in the market place and please email us if you have any issues or have feedback. Thanks!

11 thoughts on “Lightning Bug 2.0 is now in the Android market!

  1. Hey! I love this 😀 it puts me to sleep and also helps me meditate ^___^

    And I had an idea for a sound :0 don’t really know how to explain, but like, those latin church hymes that you hear in movies sometimes, all awesome and kinda echoing? I think that’d be an awesome sound 😀

    Thanks for this app!! <3

  2. With the update installed the alarm doesn’t work for me anymore! how can I fix it? I love lightning bug.

    1. EB, we know how inconvenient a problem with the Alarm can be and we really appreciate your patience! Unfortunately we haven’t been able to recreate the issue with our dev phones and emulators. The good news is that we’ve been testing a patch with a few other users having the same issue and the results are promising so far. So look for an update soon!

  3. EB, I personally use another free app for an alarm clock (its a little more flexible)
    Alarm Klock

    IMO, Lightning Bug should do what it does best, wonderful sounds and scenes!

    BTW, any chance of imports anytime? (Letting users add in their own sounds and pictures)

    Maybe even add “sharing” which would send it to the company for possible inclusion in a future plug-in release. Use the fanbase to increase what you offer, its like free developers!!!

    1. Hi Elegnil! Thanks for the compliments and ‘user submitted content’ is a great idea! There are, of course, some copyright issues we would have to work out first. But hopefully we’ll be adding something soon!

      And FWIW, we’ll actually be extending Lightning Bug’s alarm features very soon as well. So be on the look out!

  4. This is by far the BEST app on the market and it’s because the developers care. Thank you for all your hard work and integrity. It shows how much you care.

  5. Why isn’t the time in 24 hour format?

    On my main page the setting is 24 hour.

    Running this program it is that “weird” AM/PM stuff.

    1. Hi Jarod, wanted to let you know, the next release of Lightning Bug will support the 24-hour time format!

  6. Nice app, however, I’m trying to buy some of your premium plugins and I get an “Item Could Not Be Found” error. I think that it’s maybe something to do with living in Greece, and Google Checkout not allowing purchases from there yet. Any other way I can pay you & get some of the plugins?

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