Lightning Bug 2.0 Beta … Hiccup

Well, we planned on sending out our invite to the Lightning Bug 2.0 Beta Monday. Unfortunately some last minute testing on an Edge network halted us in our tracks … booooo … what was the problem?

The new Lightning Bug downloads content over the Internet instead of packing everything into the Market APK (and clobbering phone storage for our users without gigantic flash memories). Because of this, I did *a lot* of testing of the download mechanism during this dev cycle. A lot of times this was done using the Android SDK Emulator.

The emulator advertises a few network characteristic features that, in theory, allow you to simulate slower and faster data connections. So, when i was ready to test a new download module, i’d fux around with the settings and configure my emulator to simulate Edge network access.

Everything seemed to work great, tho i did notice things were faster than i expected.

Flash forward to Monday night. During last minute testing the other half of 1908 media was testing our new Beta from his phone while he was on an actual Edge network.

Problems Ensued ….

After a lot of frustration I found out that the settings i’d been using for the emulator weren’t actually working! Though by all accounts they looked OK, downloads from the emulator happened as if there was no throttling … a fact confirmed from a search of google groups:

Monday night scramble aside we still got the Beta out Tuesday, only one day over schedule.

To that end, I submitted a bug to google code here:

If you’re an Android dev, do the right thing and STAR IT!

4 thoughts on “Lightning Bug 2.0 Beta … Hiccup

  1. I Would LOVE to beta test the 2.0 app.

    my only criticism for 1.0.14b is that when the screen is off the sounds stop.
    if you could allow the screen to be off but the sounds to keep playing ( and obviously add more content) this would be one of the greatest apps for android

  2. I LOVE this app! Thank you so much for making it! I have a suggestion, I would love to have the alarm be a fade in and for an option to have the alarm be one or any of the offered application sounds. It would make waking up easier!

  3. Ditto Amanda’s comment of June 9th. I like this app, but came across it because I was looking for an easy, calming alarm clock with which to bring me out of sleep *gently*. I would like to use this app’s sounds for that purpose. Thank you for the good work. You are refreshingly professional in the app dev world.

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