Check Out This Custom Dock Inspired by Lightning Bug!

If you follow us, you know that we try very hard to listen to our users! If you email us, we will respond and if you leave a comment in the Market, we will read it! Almost all of the comments are great to read, randomly a comment seems a little out of the blue, and just recently we had an incredible one we had to share with you!

Jesse left us this comment in the Market:
“It’s because of this app I built a phone dock out of wood and bought good small speakers to plug my Hero into at night. Best thing since sliced bread.”

We were pretty excited to read that comment and posted a message in the Market asking Jesse to contact us. Well, the good news is that he did and shared more details and even sent us some pictures!

Below are some pictures and details:
-The materials he used to make the dock were pine faced with oak.
-The stain he ended up using was the color of ebony and also put on a couple coats of clear finish.
-He purchased two HP mini laptop speakers from Walmart.
-He hides all the wires inside the box with holes on the top and back side allowing the wires to be concealed yet able to connect.

Dock 1

Dock 2

Dock 3

It was great seeing Lightning Bug running on a homemade dock and thanks to Jesse for sharing his creation with us! If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to write us and keep an eye out for Lightning Bug 2.0 … coming soon with a plugin model to handle all your scene and sound requests!

6 thoughts on “Check Out This Custom Dock Inspired by Lightning Bug!

  1. Thats a great dock, well done.. I have a set of logitech (I think) speakers with a subwoofer under the bed – if you have the lightning sounds quiet they sound ‘in the distance’ but you still get the bass – like a real storm… its magic.. even freaks the dogs out a bit as one of them is not that keen on thunderstorms!

    Amazing stuff Jesse, love to see the home built brilliance.


  2. I absolutely love lightning bug! I’m a paraplegic and suffer some pretty intense bouts w chronic pain. Lightning Bug helps me “zone out” and escape a little bit.

    Awesome creation Jesse! I love both ideas. Right now I use Bose headphones w mine so I don’t disturb anyone else in the house.

    1. Tanya, we’re so happy to hear that our product provides you with even the smallest relief. We’ll be releasing 2.0 next weekend, and think you’ll really like it. So be on the lookout!

  3. Lightening Bug is a terrific app! The sounds are amazing! I am so looking forward the update coming this weekend! More more more! This totally rocks!

  4. The absolute BEST application on the market for me! I used to have problems falling asleep. Not anymore! Thanks Lightening Bug!

  5. I used to leave the clock on all night (not on a dock). I’m very nearsighted and it was easier to see in the middle of the night than my bedside alarm clock. Unfortunately, several months of doing that burned the numbers into my phone screen. I now use the sleep timer and lock my screen before going to sleep. The dock idea is appealing, but I don’t dare leave the screen like that for prolonged periods anymore.

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