Lightning Bug 1.0.14b – Quick Bug Fix!

After our 1.0.14 release, some of you reported an “Activity Not Found” error when trying to launch Lightning Bug. Our best guess is that you had the app installed previous to our 1.0.14 release and had created a Lightning Bug launch shortcut on your device’s desktop.

Why? Because in our .14 build we accidentally disabled Lightning Bug’s splash screen. When you create a launch shortcut on your desktop, it points at the app’s default launch “activity” (where “activity” is basically equivalent to a “screen”). So by disabling Lightning Bug’s splash screen, we inadvertently broke the launch icon on your device desktop.

We apologize for the inconvenience and have released 1.0.14b to patch the problem by re-enabling the splash screen. If you continue to have “Activity Not Found” errors, please remove any Lightning Bug launch icons from your device desktop and recreate them. If this still doesn’t work, then *please* email us at support! support AT

*Note, if you already recreated the launch icon, or if you were a new user as of version 1.0.14, you will need to manually recreate any Lightning Bug launch icons on your device desktop.

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