Old Rain or New Rain? How about both in 1.0.14?

Lightning Bug version 1.0.14 is now available in the Android market. By request, we improved the rain loop and released it in the last version. While we thought it was improved since it didn’t have that “crackle” that was reported… many users didn’t seem to like it! In fact, we had way more complaints about it than positive feedback. We understood the complaints about sounding just a bit too much like white noise, but we were not quite sure how to respond! We decided……. why make our users pick one? So, in this version we have brought back the old rain and also left the brand new rain…. you get to choose which you prefer! In addition, we had some feedback about the application force closing on some people. It was not widespread but only happening for a few users and devices. After some extensive research we think that this is corrected in this version as well. Now…… we are going back to work on our next big release which will support our new plugin approach for scenes!

As always, we would appreciate a positive review in the market place and please email us if you have any issues or have feedback. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Old Rain or New Rain? How about both in 1.0.14?

  1. I love your app I use it all the time. I like both rain options and can’t wait for new updates thanks

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