Lightning Bug 1.0.13 Gives You Options! – Now In The Android Market

Lightning Bug version 1.0.13 is now available in the Android market. For those of you that have followed us you know how serious we take feedback from our users! To that end, we have some additional enhancements and new features for you by request in our most recent version.

Here is a quick summary of improvements:
– Earth Attack! now has sounds. Hope you like them! Plugin model is soon to come!
– We improved the rain loop by request!
– Added a new feature that allows you to control the volume of the Lightning Bug Alarm!
– Created a new setting called Alarm Sync so that Lightning Bug only runs in the background if you want it to! See note below for more information!

Alarm Sync allows Lightning Bug to ensure that your alarm goes off at exactly the time you’ve set.

We recommend this setting because alarms set in Android can get out of sync due to changes to the internal clock. These changes can occur whenever your device time-syncs with its local network as well as
daylight savings and when you change timezones.

If Alarm Sync is such a good thing, why is it disabled by default?

In order to provide you with this feature, Lightning Bug must be periodically called by Android even when it’s not running. The result is that Lightning Bug appears to be running in the background, a fact that has concerned many of our users. So, as of our 1.0.13 release, we’ve moved the Alarm Sync code into a service and made it optional!

This means that when Alarm and Alarm Sync are enabled a Lightning Bug service will always be running on your device. This service has a *minimal* footprint, meaning that you’ll hardly notice it battery-wise. But be aware that if you kill the service using apps like TasKiller, it will not start up again until you next run the main Lightning Bug app and your alarm may not be synced with the clock!

11 thoughts on “Lightning Bug 1.0.13 Gives You Options! – Now In The Android Market

    1. Currently the only way that is possible would be if the song was your default ringtone. It is on the “todo” list though!

  1. Very nice! I really like the clean UI wish I can miix sounds from the beach scene with Earth Attack! Works great with Dock Enabler on my Moto Droid. I appreciate this so I can run alternate alarms set to other sleep analysis Apps. I’ve used Lightening Bug for 1 week now and have added it to my night routine. Now I don’t have to leave the TV set on to fall asleep! Keep up the great work! Ana

  2. Great app, good to fall asleep to and wake up to. Only a minor bug I’ve seen on the Nexus…. even if I don’t run Lightning Bug, its alarm goes off. And I have to reboot my phone to stop it. No pop-up. Running LB and quiting doesn’t stop it, and taskkiller won’t stop it. Very strange. Other than that.. love it!

  3. Using Moto Droid, is there an easy way to turn off backlight while in the docking station? I have to turn off phone, set in dock, then turn on again to get the ‘menu lights’ (the ones at bottom of screen ie:back, menu, home, search, to turn off).
    Then after enabling Lightning Bug, I have it set to blank screen after 1 minute, the backlight stays on lighting up the room. (I have to put the phone to sleep by pushing the button on top to get the backlight out, and put Lightning Bug in Automatic mode so it doesn’t go to sleep too).. Then, after doing so, there is no way to check the time in the middle of the night.

    So, this app would be perfect (for me) if, when enabled would turn off the ‘menu lights’, and when the screen blanks, would also turn off the backlight. By touching the screen, would display the time again, then off after the prescribed time.

  4. I would love love love more sounds…. crickets, frogs, windchimes, campfire, train tressel. maybe a delta brain wave sync? Or an alarm that wakes gently, slowly (a meditative chimes once every 10min,5,2.5,1.25,45sec,20sec,10sec, 5sec then every 2.5 seconds til you turn it off.) Please keep adding more! This is by far my favorite app. Thanks. 🙂

  5. Was reading some old comments re: using ringtones for alarms. I found old ringtones in the alarm sound choices. I’ve made many ringtones from my mp3 on phn but only a couple showed up with the default choices. Love LB!!!

  6. Is there any way to make a lightning bug scene an alarm? I would love waking up to birds and soft guitar instead of loud blaring songs or annoying ringing!

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