Take Two For Lightning Bug 1.0.12

For many on you die hard Lightning Bug users you may have noticed we had to revert back to the previous version after we initially released 1.0.12. The reason was due to a bug that was introduced for our Droid and Nexus One users. We debated how to handle it but reverted back as we wanted to ensure Lightning Bug was working properly for all users! One thing that we have learned is that even with all the testing that we do, it is still quite challenging to support the Android market with all of the different phones and versions!

What’s new in 1.0.12b:
-Landscape Mode – Lightning Bug now has the option for Landscape mode. This had been the most requested feature and as we have said before we do read all comments and emails sent to us! We made the decision (by design) to not have it auto-rotate but require you to select the landscape icon to enable it. Enjoy!

-Snooze Bug Fix – Only a small percentage of users should have noticed this issue but if you ever had a moment when the snooze feature would not work properly…fear no more this has been corrected! click here for more info

-Default Lightning Color – Quite a few people loved the fact they could change the color of the lightning in the scenes. However, many wanted to reset the color back to white. There were two ways to do this previously… the first required that you find white on the color wheel (not likely) and the second was reinstall. Neither of them were good options. In this release, you can now long press lightning color button in the color wheel and it will reset the color to the default white.

Thanks to everyone for the emails and the continued support. Also, thanks specifically go out to MrFalcon for some extensive testing and taking the time to help us diagnose the issue on the Droid!