Can we make all users happy? Lightning Bug 1.0.11 is our attempt!

We recently published another significant release of Lightning Bug that includes some additional tweaks to help address concerns and feedback that we received. Have you heard this quote before?

I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody – Bill Cosby

Prior to this release we felt that this quote applied to us and Lightning Bug. Our first versions of the application were clean and did not run in the background by design. Then we started to receive a lot of emails and comments in the market with issues about the alarm not going off as well as requests for it to continue to play sounds when you moved around your phone. We figured that in order to avoid people being angry at us for the alarm not going off (they were leaving the application) and to take Lightning Bug to the next level we would need to introduce those capabilities.

Version 1.0.9 was a major rewrite that allowed Lightning Bug to run in the background. We noticed that this appeared to cause some confusion with our users and some were complaining that it was now running in the background. For us it was slightly frustrating as we were now receiving comments and feedback that made it appear that users preferred the previous version!

The version that we just released 1.0.11 we believe is the best of both versions. In fact, the main enhancement in this version is that you can choose the mode that you want to run Lightning Bug. You can run in Standard Mode (think the original Lightning Bug) or you can run in Advanced Mode which allows Lightning Bug to run in the background. The choice is now all yours! And if you change your mind you can also go into settings and switch it.

In addition, we included some improvements to the clock. You can now have the clock run in full screen mode and you can also select some different type of fonts to use as well.

We read each and every email and comment that we receive about Lightning Bug. We try our best to take your feedback and thoughts into consideration so that we can deliver the best clock and sound machine in the market. If you have any issues with the application please let us know and as always we would greatly appreciate it if you can provide a rating and a positive comment in the Android Market!

Happy New Year!

17 thoughts on “Can we make all users happy? Lightning Bug 1.0.11 is our attempt!

  1. Hi. I love lightning bug but have been having issues with the volume of the media. I use van de graff primarily to bloock background noise as I sleep during the day. Today, the volume rose barely above a whisper. And also. In the alarm clock, could you put the off further away from the snooze? I have shut the alarm off multiple times while blindly touching the screen to shut the thing up. Maybe have the alarm off be different from touching screen? Anyway, love the app. And thanks for listening and happy new year.

    1. Please make sure that you have your phone’s media volume turned up first. Once you are in Lightning Bug then press your volume button. After that on each sound you can change the volume by long pressing on each of the sound icons. It will then pop up a volume control where you can adjust it further. Email support if this does not work for you! Also, in the latest version we made improvements to the location of the snooze and dismiss. Email support if you have other ideas on this one as well!

  2. Hi I really like app, I have a motorola milestone (same as droid) running android 2.0, and if I had a wish list, I would really like it if your app would work in landscape in the dock, the alarms could have a profile system so that I can have a work week alarms set (mon-fri), then weekend alarms, another for holidays, and a one off alarm setting. access to any ringtone or song on the phone as a alarm tone, and an easy and quick way to turn off the snooze (one button solution). maybe even that new fangled pre- alarm system so as to get me up in the same way as I’m sent to sleep, but with a proper final alarm with snooze. I hope that’s enough suggestions, and I would love to pay for that.thanks. Ps Love the large Snooze Button….

    1. Hey Lenny. Yes, we’ve had lot’s of requests for Landscape mode and we’re actually working on it right now. So look for it next release! We really like your other suggests as well:

      Multiple AlarmsOne Off Alarm – We’ve considered this, but it will probably be a few more releases before we get to it.

      “easy and quick way to turn off the snooze” – Tell us more about what you have in mind. that sounds useful and easy to implement!

      “new fangled pre- alarm system so as to get me up in the same way as I’m sent to sleep, but with a proper final alarm with snooze.” – Not entirely sure what you have in mind here, but we’d love it if you’d email our support address and elaborate more: Of course, you can just right us back here too, whichever works for you.

      thanks so much!

  3. I adore the application. My only wish is that it had a landscape mode. I use a media dock next to my bed with my Droid and it’s disconcerting having the application laying on its side.

    1. Hey Rob, FYI, the next release of Lightning Bug includes a Landscape mode feature. Hope you like it!

  4. Love the app. It is great. I wish that there was an option for the rain or beach scenarios as a choice for the alarm clock ringtones. I hate most alarm clock noises. I am a light sleeper and it would be nice to gently wake up to the thunder and lighting rather than a silly song or annoying beeping sound.

  5. Hey I do agree to wake up to the storm would be great… but please tell me how to change the lightning. Back to white!!!

    1. At this time there is no way way to revert to white unless you are really good and can find white on the color wheel or you uninstall. In a future release we will have a feature to go back to white. It is on the list!

  6. Hi! I am wondering why you gave us landscape mode and then took it away? Thanks anyway, I still love this app!

    1. We love landscape mode and know our users do as well. It was one of our most requested features. Unfortunately there was an issue in the last release that affected the Droid users to the point where it was extremely hard to use Lightning Bug. We have put back the last version (without landscape mode) while we work to fix the bug. Once it is corrected we promise you will have landscape mode as soon as possible!

  7. I wish you could hit the snooze button more than once. Other than this is a really great app. I think what Lenny is talking about is a reverse sleep button where the rain or whatever sound comes on for 5 minutes then your alarm goes off.

  8. Is there any plans to have the rain/beach sound scenarios to be included as an alarm clock ringtone?
    That would be awesome.

    1. Hey Chris, we’ve actually had a few users ask for a “gradual wakeup” feature where a scene will gradually start to play again as your alarm time closes in. Would this work for you as well? (In this scenario, you would be able to disable other alarm sounds)

      Gradual Wakeup is on our to-do list, however it will probably be a few releases before it becomes available.

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