Lightning Bug Version 1.0.10 Contains Small Bug Fixes

We recently published a major release of Lightning Bug (version 1.0.9) that included some significant re-factoring to provide enhanced functionality. Unfortunately, we introduced a few bugs by accident! Version 1.0.10 is a quick release to address some issues. Here is a listing of what’s new in this version:

-New users were not able to set the alarm properly (didn’t effect users that previously had an alarm set)
-Added an exit button (you can hit back to shut down or click exit now)
-Cleaned up the notification text (formatting and acknowledges system alarm when set)
-Corrected show clock bug (it now will allow you to hide or show the clock like before)
-Made snooze button bigger

Thanks to Konstantine, Roy, Wulf, Sarah and Leighanne for their feedback and testing!

If you have any issues with the application please let us know and as always we would greatly appreciate it if you can provide a rating and a positive comment in the Android Market!

3 thoughts on “Lightning Bug Version 1.0.10 Contains Small Bug Fixes

  1. Dear sirs

    I have recently changed over to the dark side (I phone).

    The only thing I really really miss is your lightning bug application. Do yoo
    do a I phone version. I would gladly pay as it is the only thing that
    gets me to sleep



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