Major Rewrite of Lightning Bug Just Released To Android Market

We have just posted a major rewrite of Lightning Bug. We get a lot of emails asking for new scenes and features but some of the most pressings requests were to improve the power saving features. In the beginning we figured most people would use the application while it was plugged in, but it appears that this is not the case! So, in this release of Lightning Bug we set out to implement some very nice power saving features which we are proud to announce now exist.

However, while implementing the new power saving features we became concerned that the alarm would not be as reliable as required. In the past we’ve also received several emails with people unhappy about the alarm not going off and oversleeping! We did not want this to happen again! =) So in order to provide the new power saving features while keeping our eye fixed on making Lightning Bug the best clock in the Android Market we decided to rebuild the entire clock and alarm system!

For you long-time users of Lightning Bug this version may take some getting used to, but we promise the new features are worth your time. For example, it’s now possible to run scenes and continue to hear sounds in the background while doing other things on your phone (like tuning into your favorite Pandora station). This also means that sounds will continue even with a full screen timeout (read: Lightning Bug now fully turns off your screen instead of the screen simply going black!).

Also, be aware, you will now see Lightning Bug in your notification bar. This allows you to get back to the application easily when it is running and also includes some useful information about your Lightning Bug settings.

Some other snippets about updates in this version:

Changes to Screen Timeout
When Lightning Bug completes it’s Screen Timeout rundown it will now allow the user device to “naturally” timeout its screen according to the local system screen timeout settings. In addition, the setting “Also Hide Clock” has been changed to “Leave Clock On” (Off by default). If the user enables this setting, Lightning Bug’s clock will be left visible during Timeout rundown and the device screen will technically stay on (ie, the device will *not* be allowed to naturally timeout its screen).

Long Press Scene Button Reloads Current Scene
We added this for convenience during development, also resets sleep and timeout timers.

Recurring Alarm Setting
Lightning Bug Alarm now has a feature that allows it to be configured to reoccur daily.

Alarm Runs as Separate Process
Not to bore you with too many details, but the Lightning Bug alarm was abstracted to its own process so that it can run independent of the Lightning Bug scene player. This ensures that the alarm will go off under all the conditions we could think of. Making Lightning Bug one step closer to being the best clock on the market!

We are hard at work on the next release which already has some nice upgrades to the clock fonts. Thanks again for your support and great ratings in the market! If you have any issues please email us!