Lightning Bug 1.0.8 released and includes system clock integration

Tonight we released Lightning Bug 1.0.8 to the Android Market. In addition to the internal alarm that we developed we have now integrated Lightning Bug with the Android system alarm clock. In the settings menu you can choose which alarm you would prefer to use when using the application. We have also (by request) added custom snooze times that you are able to configure yourself.

Lightning Bug is currently featured (read: for about 1 sec) in a national televised Sprint commercial. When we first heard about it, we were not sure how much airtime the commercial would receive but so far it appears to be a fair amount. We have personally seen it on numerous US television stations. It also has played several times during primetime NFL football games including the Thanksgiving day games. We figure many millions watched and perhaps maybe one person noticed? =)

We have a pretty solid roadmap defined for new features and have also been learning quite a bit about our users and how they are using Lightning Bug. In fact, we now know that Beach at Night is now the most popular scene!

We want to thank @whatsupandroid and @androidanarchy for their support and providing reviews of our applications. Please take a moment to visit their sites!

Please take a moment to review the application and post your rating/comments! If you are willing to provide a review or record a video demo that we can post please contact us!

3 thoughts on “Lightning Bug 1.0.8 released and includes system clock integration

  1. Great work, if you could make it work with the screen orientation on the motor Droid so I can use it with my media dock I would definatly donate some cold hard cash, please see what you can do.thanks for all your hard work.

    1. It is on the road map we promise! We are currently considering a plugin model for new scenes. Once we get a feeling for how much effort that is we should be able to figure out the landscape mode next! Thanks for the comment!

    2. Also please make sure you check the market and upgrade to the latest version of Lightning Bug!

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