Is Android copy protection a blessing or curse?

There has been a lot of talk about issues with the Market for certain devices that are not able to see some applications. Some Sprint users noticed this after a recent update and believed it was only copy protected applications that were affected.

Recently we received a couple emails letting us know that users could not find Lightning Bug as well! This is not acceptable when people need to get a good night sleep! =) We did some digging and read some comments from other developers and they also pointed to the copy protection as an issue.

We have updated Lightning Bug and have removed the Copy Protection in the market. We have confirmed that the application is now viewable in the market for users affected by this bug (Thanks Pat!). But this brings up another question…. why did we have this setting turned on to begin with anyways?

If you look in the Android Developer Console here are the options that are presented for Copy Protection:
Off (Application can be copied from the device)
On (Helps prevent copying of this application from the device. Increases the amount of memory on the phone required to install the application.)”

For all of our applications, whether they were free or paid we decided that turning on this feature made sense. In order for us to effectively support the application we wanted to keep downloads from the Market only. Lots of concerns around pirated applications as well.

At this point, our plan is to leave it disabled until the market bugs are corrected and then turn it back on. We have seen a lot of discussion on this topic. What are other developers thoughts?