Lightning Bug 1.0.7 released but not “Just In” Android Market

This past Friday (11/20) we released Lightning Bug 1.0.7 to the Android Market. There are some good features in this new version so we would recommend that you upgrade when you get a moment. The most noticeable is that we added sounds to the Van de Graff scene and it now includes White Noise. We will say that one disappointing aspect of this release was that Lightning Bug didn’t show up under the “Just In” category. We have had some issues with the Android Market in the past and now there seems to be a lot of conversation around how to “game” the market. To be honest, we were just disappointed that it didn’t show up as we typically are able to introduce some new users to the application that would most likely not have specifically searched for it.

We have been receiving a lot of requests for new features and new scenes to be added. We take the time to read all emails and do take the requests seriously. In order to better understand our users we are now looking at some analytics we are getting from the application. This will help us to better under how people are using the application so we can know what to focus on improving for everyone. We would also encourage people to continue emailing us with ideas or if there are any issues. Also, if anyone is interested in writing some testimonies about our applications or better yet recording some video demos/reviews that we can post please contact us!

Here is a quick overview of the updates in 1.0.7:
– added sounds for Van de Graff including White Noise
– added analytics to help improve the application
– added “don’t show again” options to all warning dialogs in clock settings
– added a new feature called “Reset Volume After Sleep” (useful for users that want to play MP3s)
– added “Alarm Will Be Disabled!” warning dialog

Please take a moment to review the application and post your rating/comments!

3 thoughts on “Lightning Bug 1.0.7 released but not “Just In” Android Market

  1. LOVE this application, I listen to Stonehenge every night. I have insomnia and this app puts me right to sleep. Thanks!!!

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