Lightning Bug 1.0.6 Released!

Tonight we released Lightning Bug 1.0.6 to the Android Market. The application has had a sleep timer for quite some time but when activated it shuts off the visuals as well as all sounds. We have had several requests to leave the sounds running but turn off the screen at night. This latest version includes a separate Screen Timeout function that allows this to happen!

In addition, we added some new help screens to explain how to use the Alarm Clock function in Lightning Bug. We believe that this should address some of the issues that have been reported recently. We are, however, continuing to review the Alarm Clock and in the next release are planning to revamp the clock and implement some additional functionality.

Special thanks for testing Lightning Bug and helping us identify some issues goes to:
Craig, Nikki, Stephanie, Tami, Darcell

Please take a moment to review the application and post your rating/comments!

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